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1939 "Wonder Bar" Wood Bakelite Cocktail Picks Set (with miniature stool)

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A 1939 "Wonder Bar" Bakelite/wood cocktail picks set with a miniature bar stool. This spectacular cocktail pick set is made up of a wood bar with chrome top and rail holding 6 picks (5 Bakelite bottles, and 1 metal cocktail shaker). The accompanying mini "stool" is downright magical and mimics a real-life bar stool (that's chrome with a red leather "seat"). This set originally came with a miniature paper recipe "booklet" (that hung from the tiny hook on the front). These often go missing over the years and this set does not have its booklet. Truly is a rare and magical set.

Maker/era: Harris Dunn "Wonder Bar", New York: Harris Dunn Corp. [1939]

Hallmarks: "Harris Dunn Corp. Pat. No. 116459 Made In U.S.A." can be found on the back of the pick set

This set includes: the wood bar, the 6 picks, and a mini stool. *Please note: this set does NOT include its original recipe booklet.

Condition: Very, very good vintage condition. For 80 years old, this set is in very, very good condition. We're pretty Type A about the exact condition of our vintage pieces, so here's a summary:

The wood is in great condition overall with one tiny hairline crack (that was likely there when it was manufactured, it's extremely subtle, see photo #8 for reference)
The picks are all straight but some wear to some of the labels (two picks more so than the others, see photos)
One pick is slightly shorter than the rest (see photo)
The chrome portion of the stand is in very good shape with extremely minimal wear/age
The stool is in great condition. The "leather seat" is in excellent condition (no holes or scratches). There's one tiny area of "fuzz" the size of a pinhead on the side of the stool that we don't want to attempt to remove. Hardly noticeable but we wanted to mention it in the summary.

In short, this vintage set is in very, very good vintage condition and truly a magical one.


Measurements: The wood bar is approx 5" wide and about 4" tall (excluding the picks); the picks are approx 3 1/2" in length. The mini stool is approx 3" tall.

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