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1940s Buenilum Cocktail Shaker by Frederic Buehner

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A stunning 1940s Buenilum cocktail shaker. The styling was done by Frederic Buehner. This aluminum shaker features the most stunning double spiral/loop finial with ornate tulip-shaped finials on the ends of each spiral/loop. The lid features a large cork interior. Truly a stunning and unusual shaker.

A bit about the designer: Frederic Buehner (1908-1971) was born in Lindach, Germany, a small village in the hills surrounding Schwab Gmund, an important center of the German gold and silver industry, where his father was a goldsmith. Frederic's artistic talents and skills were finely honed from about 1925 to 1929 in Munich and Berlin. In 1929 Buehner emigrated to the United States, where he founded the Buehner-Warner Company

Condition: Good vintage condition with signs of age and wear. The exterior aluminum shows signs of surface wear and light scratching and age spots here and there. The interior of the shaker has wear (see photo x). The cork is in excellent shape and completely in tact. Please note: this cork purposefully has a small "hole" the size of a pinhead through it (this was by design). The lid/cork fit easily (but not snugly) into the shaker. No dents or dings. In short, this piece shows signs of age, age spots, and surface wear inline with a piece that's 80 years old. Truly a stunning and rare shaker.

**Please Note: we typically do not test our shakers for leakage. We offer a variety of vintage shakers (both usable as well as collectible/display only). We are happy to put our shaker through a thorough leakage test (which involves filling it with liquid and rigorously shaking it) -- please message us if you'd like us to test this particular shaker. Cheers!

Measurements: Approx. 12" tall

Hallmarks: this shaker is hallmarked "B/W Buenilum" on the bottom and a hallmark of a cathedral


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