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Cera "Poison" Rocks Glasses (4), Cera Poison Glasses, Mid Century Glassware, Poison Glasses

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A rare set of 4 Mid Century "Poison" glasses by Cera. Cera offered several variations of these glasses including a larger, flared style that included gold (these were sold exclusively at Neiman Marcus). They also made this style, which is a true rocks glass shape and the colors are a vibrant white and deep chocolate brown. This set includes: Hemlock, Cyanide, Belladonna, and Arsenic. These glasses feature a vibrant white enamel and the various poisons inside a rectangular box and the back offers the measurements in milliliters as well as ounces. Truly a magical set of Mid Century glasses.

A quick summary about this glassware maker: similar to Culver, Cera used real 22k gold in many of their glassware patterns and were known for creating some of the most popular Mid Century glassware designs. Cera remains one of the most popular vintage brands for MCM glassware excellence.

Maker/era: Cera, Mid Century Hallmarks: All glasses are signed "Cera"

Measurements: each glass measures 4 1/4" tall x 3 1/4" in diameter

Condition of the glassware: These glasses are in very good vintage condition with mild signs of age and wear. We're pretty Type A about summarizing the exact condition of our items, so here's a glass by glass summary:

Hemlock - The enamel is in near perfect shape. If you hold the glass up to your eyes closely you can see some light scratching (it is very very subtle, likely from the way it was cleaned in the past).

Cyanide - The enamel is in near perfect shape. There are a few tiny, superficial scratches to the front, lower section of the glass, right side

Belladonna -The left side of the "Hemlock" appears to have gotten smeared/wiped away during manufacturing (not uncommon for Mid Century glassware during the pattern application process)

Arsenic - The enamel is in near perfect condition. There are two what appear to be water spots and there are also some "waves" in the glass as well as on the rim (again, a common occurrence for Mid Century glassware).

In short, these glasses are in very good vintage condition and show a few signs of age as well as some manufacturing occurrences. Please see all photos for reference. Again, we're pretty Type A about trying to capture/mention every detail. We took photos in two different lighting settings. Cheers!

**On shipping: We take our packaging very seriously and carefully wrap all pieces to ensure safe delivery. We typically take a loss on shipping when it comes to shipping our glassware, however if we can ship the set cheaper, we will refund you the difference. Cheers! 

****Important to note pre-purchase: Buyers, please examine all photos carefully as we cannot accept returns due to the fragile nature (the possibility of breakage when being shipped back) of our vintage/antique pieces. Our items are true vintage pieces that might have manufacturers flaws, flaws from age, or imperfections in general from being vintage. We try to explain the condition/description in an accurate and thorough manner but we ask that you please examine all photos carefully and ask all questions before purchasing an item as we are unable to accept returns due to the risk of breakage.