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Mid Century Oil Derrick Glasses Set #2

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A lovely and rare set of 4 Mid Century "Oil Derrick" glasses. These collins glasses features a deep black "Oil Derrick" pattern with gold rims on the top and a thicker gold band on the bases. Heavier in weight, these glasses have a solid feel to them. The pictures don't do them justice.

Maker: Lotus -- many (including us in the past) attribute this pattern to Culver. It was actually made by a company called Lotus in the 1960s. Culver did, however, make an opaque black pattern that included gold Oil Rigs. But this pattern in the listing was made by Lotus. Similar to Culver in that they used real 22k gold in their pattern.

Hallmarks: None. Lotus included a gold foil sticker on one glass that was typically removed upon purchase.

Measurements: A tad over 5 1/2" tall x 2 3/4" diameter

Condition: Excellent condition. The glass clarity is perfect (no cloudiness) and the gold/black is vibrant. The gold on the rims is in tact and vibrant. No chips of any kind. There is some extremely minor wear to some very tiny areas of the gold. One glass has an area on the bottom gold rim that appears to have not gotten fully filled in (see last two photos where we zoomed in). It's fairly subtle when not holding it up directly under the eye. Completely common with this vintage glassware pattern. In short, this set is in great condition and displays beautifully. Truly a gorgeous set.

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