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Culver Cat Glasses Mid Century

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A gorgeous set of 1970s Culver Gold "Cat" old-fashioned glasses. Such a fun pattern that consists of a variety of cats (in gold, black, and opaque white). Heavier in weight, these old-fashioned glasses have a solid feel to them. Truly a stunning set.

A quick summary about this glassware maker: Culver was famous for their stunning decorative glassware in 22-karat gold – think lavish and opulent cocktailware of the 1950s and 60s. In the late 1950’s, Culver started the application of the 22-karat gold to their glassware. Fun fact: the super-heated, roll-on process of gold remains a secret today. Culver comes in a variety of patterns including gilded mushrooms, owls, cats, wildlife, Egyptian or Asian inspired design themes, holiday designs, sports motifs and many others. Their glassware bares several signatures (depending on the era) including "Culver Ltd" (Ltd = Limited), "Culver", and "Culver with a C inside a circle" (a copyright symbol). During the 1970s, many of Culver's glasses moved from the applied signature to a small gold foil sticker (that read: 22k Gold Culver Made in USA) that was often removed by the original buyer upon purchase. Culver stopped producing its gold overlay pieces in the 1980s.

Maker/era: Culver, 1970s

Hallmarks: All glasses are signed "Culver Made in USA" in gold and one glass has the original Culver gold foil sticker.

Measurements: Each glass is 4 1/4" tall x 3 1/4" in diameter

Condition: Very good vintage condition. Beyond some very minor age to some small areas of the gold that comes purely from time, these glasses are in great shape. They've been in a display cabinet for years and if they got any use, it wasn't much. The glass clarity is perfectly clear. No chips or nicks. Truly a lovely set.

*Please note: Mid Century glassware often has imperfections (i.e. tiny bubbles in the glass, an extra spot of gold or enamel that made it on a clear part of the glass, etc -- purely the nature of vintage glassware).

**On shipping: We take our packaging very seriously and carefully wrap all pieces to ensure safe delivery. These glasses will be packed very, very well -- which means a larger, heavier box.

****Important to note pre-purchase: Buyers, please examine all photos carefully as we cannot accept returns due to the fragile nature (the possibility of breakage or damage when being shipped back) of our vintage/antique pieces. Our items are true vintage pieces that might have manufacturers flaws, flaws from age, or imperfections in general from being vintage. We try to explain the condition/description in an accurate and thorough manner but we ask that you please examine all photos carefully and ask all questions before purchasing an item as we are unable to accept returns due to the risk of breakage/damage.