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Culver Jeweled Peacock Glasses Set of 5

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A stunning set of 5 Culver Peacock glasses/tumblers. This pattern is the pinnacle of Culver glassware. No words can express how magical the pattern is. Each glass depicts a 22-karat gold peacock. The feathers are adorned by bold colored rhinestones that are in every other peacock feather (this is by design). These glasses are two-sided and also feature a medallion-like design on the opposite side that has a rhinestone in the center of it. Truly a magical and stunning set of glasses.

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A quick summary about this glassware maker: Culver started the application of the 22-karat gold to their glassware. Fun fact: the super-heated, roll-on process of gold remains a secret today. Culver comes in a variety of patterns including gilded mushrooms, owls, cats, wildlife, Egyptian or Asian inspired design themes, scrolling leaf patterns, holiday designs, sports motifs and many others. The Peacock pattern is one of Culver's harder to find patterns and is the essence of Mid Century Modern glassware style.

Maker/era: Culver, late 1940s

Hallmarks: All glasses are signed "Culver" in gold (this signature is one of Culver's earlier signatures, before they added the "LTD" for "limited")

Measurements: 5 1/2" tall x 2 3/4" in diameter

Condition: These glasses are in very, very good vintage condition. The gold is vibrant and there are no missing jewels. We're pretty Type A about describing the exact vintage condition of our items, so here's a full summary:

1) Some of the glasses have "glue residue" around the jewel (this is 100% common with all Culver jeweled glasses but we like to be thorough on mentioning it)
2) One glass a a tiny (pinhead size) area where the gold didn't get filled in near one of the green jewels
3) There's a micro tiny spot of wear to the gold on the outer edge of one of the feathers on the left

We're being nit picky but in short, this set of glasses is in very good vintage condition and display beautifully. Truly a breath-taking set.

Please note in general: Mid Century glassware often has imperfections (i.e. tiny bubbles in the glass, or a tiny bit of residue where an extra bit of glue around the jewels when they were applied, the jewels not being perfectly aligned or centered, etc -- purely the nature of vintage glassware).

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