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Early 1900s Art Deco Flask

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A neat early 1900s silver-plated antique flask. This vintage flask features a "snakeskin" embossed texture and a screw-on collapsible lid that serves as a shot glass and expands/collapses. Please note: this flask is monogrammed with the original owner's initials: T.F.D. Please see photo #3 where our finger is pointing. Truly a breath-taking piece.

Again, PLEASE NOTE: this flask is MONOGRAMMED with the original owner's initials: T.F.D. Please see photo #3 where our finger is pointing

Condition: Good/fair vintage condition with very obvious signs of age. We're including "fair" in the Condition summary as this piece is a bit rustic and shows age. Here's a full summary: 1) There's a good amount of tarnish that may or may not polish away (tarnish that's been in place for years can be stubborn 2) There's a very very shallow dent on the front, it's so shallow it was impossible to capture in a photo (it's on the lower section, below the monogrammed letters 3) There's superficial wear to the very bottom of the flask 4) Please note the photos of the opening of the flask. Again, this piece is rustic (early 1900s) and you can see where the metal was sautered around the flask's opening. The cork inside the cap is in great shape and completely in tact. The cap screws on well/tightly. In short, this monogrammed antique flask is in good/fair vintage condition with obvious signs of age. The snakeskin texture is stunning. Cheers!

**Please note: we have not tested the collaspible shot glass for leakage.

**Please Note: we typically do not test our flasks for leakage. We offer a variety of vintage flasks (both usable as well as collectible/display only). We are happy to put our flasks through a thorough leakage test (which involves filling it with liquid and rigorously shaking it) -- please message us if you'd like us to test this particular flask. Cheers!

Hallmarks: There are two very, very small hallmarks on each side of the opening of the flask (where you would pour the contents into): one is an "N" inside of parentheses and the other side has "Oz" (for ounces) -- we assume at one time it had a number next to it, for the ounce capacity but it's no longer visible Measurements: Approx. 6 1/4" tall by 3 1/2" wide

**On shipping: We take our packaging very seriously and carefully wrap all pieces well to ensure safe delivery. If you buy multiple pieces/sets, we will combine shipping if possible (glassware sets typically ship in their own box to ensure safe arrival) and will reimburse you for any shipping overages.

****Important to note pre-purchase: Buyers, please examine all photos carefully as we cannot accept returns due to the fragile nature (the possibility of breakage or damage when being shipped back) of our vintage/antique pieces. Our items are true vintage pieces that might have manufacturers flaws, flaws from age, or imperfections in general from being vintage. We try to explain the condition/description in an accurate and thorough manner but we ask that you please examine all photos carefully and ask all questions before purchasing an item as we are unable to accept returns due to the risk of breakage/damage.