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Georges Briard "Name Your Poison" Glasses (6)

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A rare set of 6 Georges Briard "Name Your Poison" glasses with a set of 6 vintage skull swizzle sticks. This hard to come by pattern is the pinnacle of Georges Briard patterns and truly a magical one. Each glass has a poison graphic including: Paris Green, Nitroglycerin, Iodine, Wood Alcohol, Strychnine, and Arsenic and "Name Your Poison" can be found at the bottom of each glass graphic along with "RX" on the sides of the glasses, criss-crossed knives and a mortal/pestle. The graphics colors are a stunning deep black with a vibrant gold.

A quick summary about this glassware maker: Georges Briard was the go-to for decorative housewares in the 1950s and 60s and was carried at upscale retails like Bloomingdale’s and Neiman Marcus. Briard’s success and notoriety came with the use of 22-karat gold as screened decoration for bent glassware. His design hallmarks are repetitive patterns, most often featuring geometric shapes or nature based images. Georges Briard is known for creating some of the most stunning Mid Century Modern glassware as well as Atomic and Kitsch designs in the later 1970s and is the essence of MCM glassware excellence.

Maker/era: Georges Briard, Mid Century

Hallmarks: Please note: these glasses DO NOT bare the "Georges Briard" signature. With this particular pattern, we find that the signature and/or the Rx that's found on each side of the glass are often faded or fade away completely.

Measurements: each glass measures 5 1/2" tall x 2 3/4" in diameter; the skull swizzle sticks measure just shy of 7" in length

Condition of the glassware: Good vintage condition with some signs of wear. The glass clarity is perfectly clear (no cloudiness), any yellow hue you see is due to our taking the photographs at dusk time. There are zero chips or cracks on any of the glasses. We do our best to describe every flaw as we take our vintage glassware very seriously. Here's a summary of any flaws:

1) These glasses do NOT bare the Georges Briard signature. We find that with this pattern the signature as well as the gold "RX" on the sides is often faded or completely gone (and usually it seems to be one or the other, not both).
2) All glasses have the "RX" on the sides with the exception of the Paris Green glass. It's "RX" graphic is NOT present. The other glasses all have their RX graphics, but some of them have some extremely minimal gold loss/fading (see photo #8 as an example).
3) We'd also like to mention that Mid Century glassware will often have little tiny "flaws" that occurred during manufacturing (an extra dot of gold or black paint here and there, a micro tiny bubble in the glass, etc) -- completely common for Mid Century glassware.

Overall, these collectible glasses are in very good vintage condition. The graphics are a rich, deep black and a vibrant gold. The glass clarity is clear. Truly a magical set.

Condition of the swizzle sticks: these vintage swizzle sticks feature "rhinestone" eyes and are an ivory color. Good condition overall with some minimal wear. They are a celluloid material but very well made with some weight to them.

This magical set would undoubtedly be stunning displayed in one's home bar! Cheers!

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