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Gorham Stoplight Jigger, Gorham Sterling Stoplight Jigger

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A gorgeous vintage Sterling Silver Gorham enameled "Stoplight" jigger. Gorham made this figural jigger in sterling silver as well as a silver-plated version (which they also did for a number of their other barware pieces including their decanter/liquor tags). Heavy in weight, this jigger is nothing short of magical. The enameled stoplight colors include green, yellow and red meant to signify "go," "caution," and "stop." Each light corresponds to the 1, 2 1/2, and 3 1/2 ounce markings on the jigger's bottom. Truly a magical figural jigger.

A little bit about this maker: Jabez Gorham started Gorham silver in 1831 in a shop on Steeple Street in Providence, Rhode Island. Born to a family of eight, he was apprenticed to New England silver patriarch Nehemiah Dodge at a very early age. Dodge is known as one of the founders of the silver and jewelry crafts industry in 18th century New England. After his seven-year apprenticeship with Dodge, Jabez formed his own business and quickly established a name for himself. For more than 150 years Gorham Silver has been known as one of the preeminent silversmith companies in the world and well-known for their vintage barware items including this stoplight jigger.

Measurements: Approx 2 1/2" tall x a tad over 2 1/4" in diameter

Maker/year: Gorham, 1950s

Hallmarks: "Gorham Sterling 354" can be found on the bottom of the jigger along with the ounces capacities.

Condition: Great vintage condition overall. The enameled dots are pristine and completely in tact. This jigger has a good amount of tarnish, which is part of its magical factor. Please note: we do not polish our silver or silver-plated pieces as some buyers are very particular about as is condition. Three things to note:

1) Please note*** there is a tiny "sand dollar" etched on the very back of the shot glass (this was a "gesture" between the husband and wife/former owners; they had a private and long-running gesture that involved a sand dollar; it is very subtle, see photos #5 and #6)

2) there is one tiny, shallow ding along the lower part of the jigger (to the left of the Green enameled dot) that's so shallow it was impossible to capture in a photo (see photo #8)

3) there's a second tiny ding on the jigger's rim (see photo #4) Overall, this antique jigger is in great vintage condition with minimal wear inline with a piece that's 70+ years old. Cheers!

**On shipping: We take our packaging very seriously and carefully wrap all pieces to ensure safe delivery.

****Important to note pre-purchase: Buyers, please examine all photos carefully as we cannot accept returns due to the fragile nature (the possibility of breakage or damage when being shipped back) of our vintage/antique pieces. Our items are true vintage pieces that might have manufacturers flaws, flaws from age, or imperfections in general from being vintage. We try to explain the condition/description in an accurate and thorough manner but we ask that you please examine all photos carefully and ask all questions before purchasing an item as we are unable to accept returns due to the risk of breakage/damage.