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Jigger Cocktail Spoon, Vintage Neiman Marcus, Art Deco Valve Cocktail Bar Spoon

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A gorgeous vintage Art Deco inspired Valve Jigger Bar Spoon by Neiman Marcus. This bar spoon features a gorgeous silver-plated stepped or graduated design with 1/2 oz, 1 oz, 1 1 1/2 oz, and 2 oz etched into the jigger. Very similar to Napier's "Mechanical" Valve Jigger Bar Spoon (from the 1920s) however this piece has a more oval-shaped spoon. Here's how the "mechanical" part works: when you press down on the jigger, it allows the liquid to escape down the spoon into your cocktail. Then with the spoon end, you can stir the contents of your drink. Truly a lovely revival piece.

Measurements: A tad over 9 1/4" in length Maker: Neiman Marcus

Condition: Excellent condition. It appears to have never been used and is still in its original box. There's a tad bit of tarnish but beyond that this jigger spoon is in excellent condition. Truly a gorgeous vintage bar spoon. Cheers!

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