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Libbey Platinum Artica Glasses

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A stunning and rare set of 6 Mid-Century Libbey "Platinum Artica" glasses. These glasses were sold in the early 1970s and are nothing short of stunning with their Brutalist design and vibrant silver/chrome color. The most stunning feature is their heavily textured pattern. These Modernist glasses have a slightly footed bottom and a subtle tapered shape. Libbey made this glass design in an amber colored glass as well as clear glass. The "Platinum" color is the most rare of the colors. Truly a breath-taking set. Why not serve your cocktails in these gorgeous vintage glasses?!?

A quick summary about this glassware maker: The Libbey Glass Company has been manufacturing glassware since the 20th Century and is still producing high quality glassware today. Certain vintage Libbey glassware pieces (but not all of them, depending on the size and type of piece) is signed with a cursive “L” within a circle or ring. The mark actually appears backwards if viewed from outside of the glass, but it appears correctly when looking down through the inside.

Maker/pattern/era: Libbey, Platinum Artica, early 1970s

Hallmarks: Two (2) of the glasses bare a cursive "L" for Libbey; the other four (4) glasses do not (not uncommon if the hallmark didn't get properly applied/embossed during manufacturing)

Measurements: 5 1/2" tall x 2 3/4" in diameter

Condition: Good vintage condition overall with minor signs of age and a few manufacturing occurrences. One of the glasses appears to have not gotten as much of the platinum silver applied (especially around the top/rim area) -- see photo #7. We not sure if it's wear (from use) or purely that this glass didn't get as heavily coated during the heating/creation process. These glasses (like many other Mid Century glasses) will have small manufacuring occurrences such as a tiny bubble in the glass, or reas where the paint didn't get applied as heavily, etc (purely the nature of vintage glassware)! There are no chips, nicks, or cracks. In short, this set is in good vintage condition with one glass not having a lighter platinum application than the other 5 glasses. Truly a stunning set.

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