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Napier Pony Jigger Bar Spoon

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A lovely vintage silver-plated Napier pony jigger/bar spoon. One of Napier's more rare barware pieces, this vintage tool was comprised of Napier's "Horse and Pony" double jigger and their bar muddler spoon. The pony jigger portion of this tool (a pony jigger is another vintage name for a double jigger) was cleverly named the "Horse and Pony" jigger by Napier. The Pony (or smaller end) holds 3/4 oz and the Horse (large end) holds 1 1/2 oz. The spoon is for stirring and muddling and also includes a bottle opener at the base of the spoon. Truly a magical bar tool.

A quick bit of history on Napier: The Napier Company was named after its president, James H. Napier, who led the company from 1920 to 1960. But the company's history can be tracked back to 1875 when it was founded as Whitney and Rice in Attleboro, Mass., manufacturing silver products. The firm changed hands and name in 1882 and became Carpenter and Bliss and shortly thereafter, E.A. Bliss and Co., Inc. After rapid expansion in the late 1880s the company moved to Meriden, CT in 1890. After WWI, the firm shifted emphasis from silver products to production of modern jewelry. James Napier became president in 1920 and the company adopted the name Napier - Bliss Co. In 1922, the name was changed to Napier Company. Like many jewelry companies Napier got into lines of art objects and other utilitarian objects like cocktail shakers. In the early to mid 1930s they started producing several cocktail shakers (most notably the "Dial a Drink shaker" and the Rooster motif shaker) other pieces of barware including their well-known graduated/stepped jigger and the mechanical/valve jigger, the Horse and Pony Jigger, and this Pony Jigger/Bar spoon.

Measurements: Just shy of 3 1/2" tall

Maker/year: Napier, 1940s

Hallmarks: "Napier" can be found on the smaller end of the jigger and also the back of the spoon.

Condition: Good vintage condition overall but with noticeable signs of age and wear including a few small dings on the jigger's smaller end. Here's a full summary:

1) This piece has tarnish and patina (we have not polished it)
2) There are three small dings on the smaller end of the jigger (we attempted to capture them in photo #3)
3) Overall the silver-plating is in very good shape and in tact. There's general "age" that comes with a piece this old but overall the plating is vibrant.

In short, this vintage jigger is in good vintage condition overall but does show signs of age including tarnish/patina as well as a few small dings on the smaller jigger end. Truly a lovely measure.

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