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Silver Julep Cups by Patrick Henry (6), Vintage Julep Cups

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A stunning and rare set of six (6) silver-plated Julep cups by Patrick Henry. These vintage Julep cups are downright magical. Extremely heavy in weight, these cups feature a lovely beaded detailing along the top and bottom and have a solid, weighted feel to them. Truly a stunning set. Why not serve your drinks or Mint Juleps in these stunning beauties?

Measurements: 4" tall x by a tad over 3" in diameter Maker: Patrick Henry

Hallmarks: "Patrick Henry Mint Julep Cup" "Made in England" can be found in tiny letters on the bottom of each cup.

Condition: Good vintage condition overall. There is surface wear inline with silver-plated cups that are 75 years old including tarnish and light scratching here and there (which falls into the surface wear category). There are 2 dings to note: one cup has a small ding on the upper area (just below the rim, it was impossible to capture in a photo but we attempted to in photo #10) and one cup has a medium sized ding on the lower area (see photo #9). Also one of the cups has a noticeable scratch that will likely not buff out (see photo #5). Most of the interiors are clean with the exception of 1 cup that has a small age spot to the interior bottom (see photo #6. And lastly, one cup has more tarnish than the rest (see photo #7). Please note: these cups have not been polished. We do not polish our pieces as some buyers are very particular about as is condition. In Short, these antique Julep cups are in good vintage condition and display beautifully. Cheers!

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