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Trader Vic Big Shot Sure Shot Glasses by Imperial Glass

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A scarce set of Trader Vic "Half Shot" and "Sure Shot" glasses by Imperial Glass Co. These Mid Century glasses were by Imperial Glass Company for Trader Vic's. Morgantown Glass Company was occasionally contracted by Imperial Glass to produce these if their production line was at capacity. The smaller tumblers have "HALF SHOT" embossed on the bottom and looks like a bullet casing. The larger tumblers have "Sure Shot" embossed on the bottom. These tumblers were used in Trader Vic for serving a cocktail called Gun Club Punch. The green colored glass was meant to match Winchester ammunition and it was also available in red glass to match Remington shells. Truly a stunning and rare set.
This set includes 4 glasses: 2 Sure Shot and 2 Half Shot

We have other sizes of this glass listed, if you'd like a larger set. Please see other listings.

The Imperial Glass Company was founded in 1901 by Edward Muhleman, with production beginning in 1904. Their handmade glasswares were sold worldwide and were typically made of pressed glass patterns. Their "Shoji" line, which was manufactured from 1965 to 1974, gilded with real 22k gold and is the quintessential style of the Hollywood Regency Era.

Maker/year: Imperial Glass Company, Production Date: 1950 - 1970

Hallmarks: Each is marked on the bottom with "Half Shot Super XXXXXX" and "Sure Shot XXXXXXXXX"

Measurements:  The smaller tumblers are approx 3 1/2" tall x a tad over 2 1/2" in diameter; the larger tumblers are 5" tall and a tad over 2 1/2" in diameter

Condition: Good vintage condition with mild signs of wear and a few manufacturing occurrences. We like to be thorough, so here's a full summary:

1) There's an extra spot of "gold paint" that made it to one of the smaller green glasses (not uncommon with Mid Century glassware) 
2) With this glass and all of these glasses, if you look closely you can see the "seams" on either side of the glass (purely the nature of how this glass was made).
3) There's general, mild "age" that comes purely from time.
4) One of the larger tumblers has gold loss on the bottom "shell" casing area (see photos #5, #6, and #7); the other larger tumbler has no gold loss

In short, this vintage set is in good condition with mild signs of age and one tumbler with mild gold loss. Truly a magical set. Cheers.

Again, please note: Mid Century glassware often has imperfections (i.e. tiny bubbles in the glass, or a "seam" from when the glass was being created, an extra spot of gold or enamel that made it on a clear part of the glass, etc -- purely the nature of vintage glassware). These glasses are no exception. Cheers!

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