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Vintage Oil Derrick Glasses Pitcher Set

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A lovely Mid Century "Oil Derrick" glassware set by Lotus. This pattern features a deep black "Oil Derrick" pattern with subtle gold rims on the top and a thicker gold band on the bases. The set includes a footed martini pitcher and two small rocks glass

Maker: Lotus -- many (including us in the past) attribute this pattern to Culver. It was actually made by a company called Lotus in the 1960s. Culver did, however, make an opaque black pattern that included gold Oil Rigs. But this pattern in the listing was made by Lotus. Similar to Culver in that they used real 22k gold in their pattern.

Hallmarks: The glass does not contain a permanent hallmark or signature. The pitcher has a gold foil sticker that says Lotus (see photos).

Measurements: The pitcher measures 6" tall; the glasses measure 2 3/4" tall by 2 1/2" in diameter -- please note: these are small rocks glasses. They are not a large or double rocks glass size.

Condition: Excellent condition. The glass clarity is perfect (no cloudiness) and the gold/black is vibrant. If this set was ever used, it wasn't much.

Please note: Mid Century glassware often has imperfections (i.e. tiny bubbles in the glass, or a "seam" from when the glass was being created, an extra spot of gold or enamel that made it on a clear part of the glass, etc -- purely the nature of vintage glassware).

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