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Vintage Rollover Jigger Beaded handle

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A lovely vintage silver-plated roll-over jigger, Mid Century. This bottoms up jigger features a flat bottom (versus a rounded bottom, such as Napier's jigger design) and has a beaded handle design that goes from larger beads to smaller beads, in size. The numbers "1" and "2" can be found on each side, so one can accurately measure 1 ounces or 2 ounces. Simply set this jigger on top of your cocktail glass, pour your liquor into it and then "roll it over" to dump the contents into your glass or cocktail shaker. Truly a cool vintage bar measure. The pictures don't do this piece justice.

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Measurements: Approx 5 3/4" in length (*Please note: if the glass you're going to use this on doesn't measure smaller in diameter than the length of this jigger, the handles won't be able to "rest" on the glass rim)

Hallmarks: "Denmark 611" with a crown-shaped emblem can be found on the bottom of the jigger

Condition: Very good vintage condition. The silver-plating is in great condition and vibrant overall. There's some general/minimal surface wear and some tarnish in between some of the beads of the handles as well as the exterior. There are also three micro small (smaller than a pinhead) what we refer to as age spots. They're dark tiny spots. They are so small, they were impossible to capture in a photo. No dents or dings. In short, this jigger is in very, very good condition and shows some signs of minor wear/age. Truly a gorgeous bar measure.


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